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Why Choose Us

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We are convinced that delivering a completely satisfying home selling and buying experience requires proactiveness and an ability to maintain solid communications throughout the transaction process.

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Our knowledge, experience, expertise and resources set us apart allowing us to achieve results that don’t just meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations.

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It is our commitment to provide you with exceptional service from a team of highly skilled, uniquely talented individuals with high integrity, extensive professional knowledge and experience, far‐reaching connections and excellence in home marketing.

Meet Our Team

We strive to understand our markets and our clients’ needs. Connected. Relationships are everything to us we connect people to Their Dreams

Shailesh Maurya


“With my sharp knowledge of the local market, I’ve helped over 5000 families in the Mumbai area find their dream home and I’m confident I can help you find yours too.”





Sandeep Maurya

Sales Manager

“My secret of successful career and the reason for the 5-star client reviews, is directness, transparency, stylish home staging and compelling listing marketing,





Rahul Maurya


“Born and raised in Mumbai to an engineer and real estate investor, Rahul has the ideal foundation for selling homes.”





Client Testimonials

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“The Best Property Consultant I’ve Ever Met..
The Services They Are Providing To Their Customers Is Amazing.. Glad Working With Ideal Homes???????? Many More To Come Working With Ideal Homes”

Noman Sayed
“The team is very quick in response and have a lot of options. I recently took a house on rent and the team helped me a lot specially Sailesh and Kalpesh with whom i interacted. Thanks a lot ????????.”

” I personally dealt with Shailesh Maurya and Rahul Maurya who were both very attentive. They were super patient in taking us to different properties and also accommodated our weird time slots.”

Yukta Mishra

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