Hahah PVK01 4:19 PM – woops wrong tune

Hahah PVK01 4:19 PM – woops wrong tune

Had an apartment which have nuttin’ but condoms in it A comparable lay the spot where the rhymes try devised So all I really do was hiphop and sex, envision the way i stroke See how I found myself flowin on my history cassette?

^^ Sick rap. Tuh duhn duhn.. . however, its a comparable record. i was thinking obtain the screw up hahah CMOS 4:24 PM – Which had been Mos Def, Pharoahe, and you may Nate Dogg – Oh No. PVK01 cuatro:34 PM –

I really like one to track

Ok last one. geez.. the already been a little while because you will find listen to pharoahe hahah. just what heck try up with your now?

“Happen experience So you’re able to in which riches’ll generate industry sluts express photo When the fresh new ears make this ya brainses software’ll glitches Spatter your own thoughts Hop out strewn remains regarding number and you can spots Which will identify the way you try Vitryska kvinnor dejta battled and you can slain I get impolite and wade, on the reveal and employ a-row regarding fans to BOO and place your out-of ’til you reduce your disperse A pro imply like Joe Greene whenever i blow theme Put your entire class on the pause such as cold-cream Upcoming tell you wit whenever i circulate faster, the hoe haveta go after their unique incorporate from the breeze when I blow prior ya I’m dapper in addition to ghetto and simply pedal When the soil settles we left regarding rubble the new surface metal Nurses having hearses sealin conversed that have lighted wallets Spit flames, make you first so you’re able to bit, is actually me Such as for example Osama, Or DAHMER, I’ma end up in stress And you may homicides as i collide I get kamikaze”

djcheeto eight:05 PM – DJ Shameless eight:23 PM – Quote: DJ Shameless seven:thirty five PM – simply joking. JBLAZE02 8:40 PM – Dj-M.Bezzle 9:fifteen PM – Hahah oh crap that is epmd I am unable to do this that ntmoney 9:24 PM –

Motherfuckers wanna act loco, strike em laughter, numerous images to the fo’-fo’ Faggots runnin into the Po-Po’s, smoking em eg cocoa Fuck hiphop, coke by the boatload Bang dat, away from home-from the, weapon highest, that attention finalized Kept holes owing to a guy gowns Prevent your bullshittin, glock to your complete video Motherfuckers top duck if deceive saliva One shot could make a good nigga manage a complete flip Comprehend the nigga layin astonished if bullet strike And you may hi ma, the method that you, see niggaz like to purchase you But pick me I should _Shag for free_ particularly Akinyele Grab which trip ’til you feel they to the ya tummy When it is rigid get the K-Y Jelly For hours allow you to get large upwards inside the telly Laterally, til your say Jay-Z you happen to be excess in my situation

Rapid-flames including I am blastin good Tec, never ever jam no matter if Never score higher, never ever run out of ammo Niggaz hatin n crap result in I slayed your own bitch You understand your favorite, I know they generated your sick And then you might be, actin brutal however you never really had conflict Don’t know tips carry their hoe, would you like to marry their hoe Today she actually is upset during the me personally, cause Your own Majesty, only comprise A beneficial pimp having a disaster She wished, us to stop, lead to We banged her buddy She gave me an extra opportunity and i also banged her once more I seen their own tears given that she damaged within the, I said, “Crap.. discover a write, closed the doorway bitch and you can come on within the!”

This one constantly trapped with me since the Huge made a reference inside a resource, connecting “Action” which have “Jackson”, up coming “Action Jackson” with “package firearms” such as the reputation throughout the movie. Simple but genius.

For the Drake. I truly wonder if the somebody do hate into guy if the guy appeared to be, say, KRS or Immortal Strategy. It’s such as for example dudes discredit your off finest due to his notice toward women’s, otherwise any type of (n/h on that entire statement). Otherwise, since the he is able to hip hop and you can sing. Or once the he or she is an old actor? Just what?

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